You have to know visiting Kazakhstan

What you need to know when visiting Kazakhstan

And so you are going to visit Kazakhstan - a country of contrasts and mixing cultures, which naturally left an imprint on the mentality of the local population. What do you need to know? Below we consider the basic rules.

How to get a visa to Kazakhstan?

The main question, of course, is the issue of visa. There are many resources with various information, we would recommend that you familiarize yourself with this information on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

And now a few features of our country:

Welcome to Kazakhstan | El-Tourism

      A smile in a public place is not a common feature of the Kazakh people and as a rule you will not meet people who often smile, but this should not alert you or cause a negative, just seriousness and brutality is a special feature of Kazakhstan men. However, despite the stern look, the Kazakhstanis will never leave a person in trouble and are the first to respond to help. But warmth and cordiality, you will feel already at the first personal communication.

Kazakhs are Usually Late Everywhere | El-Tourism

      Kazakhs are usually late everywhere. And this is not considered bad form, just a trait in the culture of the people. Time for Kazakhs is not such a concept as for a resident of the West or Asian, time for Kazakhs is an ephemeral and very relative concept. Time for Kazakhs is an omnipotent element and it is logical that a person does not have power over time and is forced to simply submit, so there is no sense in rushing somewhere, it is better to enjoy life.So, if you set a meeting time, never expect everything to be on time. And even if you decide to be late yourself, it is useless, since you will come even later, Kazakh will come anyway later than you. So when visiting Kazakhstan, we also recommend that you simply submit to this all-powerful time.

Drinking Tea in Kazakhstan | El-Tourism

      If Kazakh calls you to "drink tea", this does not mean that you are going to drink tea. This means that you need to prepare your stomach for plenty of food. After all, tea must be served meat, salads, hot and cold snacks, bread and more. And if you refuse, then this will be an insult to Kazakh, so before you go to Kazakhstan, thoroughly prepare your body for a plentiful meal. You can read about Kazakh dishes here.

Many Languages in Kazakhstan | El-Tourism

      The national and main language in Kazakhstan is Kazakh, but with almost any language you can speak Russian. There is a certain problem in Kazakhstan with knowledge of English, but people in Kazakhstan are so friendly that you can even understand each other using your fingers. But in general, young people, of course, are increasingly studying English and other foreign languages. A couple of words “salemetsizbe” (hello) and “rakhmet” (thank you) will help you. Remember them and you can always find new friends in Kazakhstan.

Taxi in Kazakhstan

      Taxi in Kazakhstan deserves special attention. This is probably one of the main professions in the country. You can of course call the official taxi using the applications, or you can just go outside and wave your hand. And do not be surprised if you stop a large SUV, a new Toyota, or an old Lada, since almost everything in Kazakhstan is not against earning money, because there is no superfluous money. Well, do not be alarmed if someone other than you will also be a passenger, this is a normal and natural course of things among people, because people are only happy to communicate. In this case, the driver himself will decide in what order and whom to import. So if you want a separate driver for yourself, you can see the offers on our website, or order by contacting us.

If You Decide to Have a Relationship | El-Tourism

      If you decide to have a relationship with a Kazakhstani woman or just to make a mistake, be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay bills. Feminism, as well as time for Kazakhs, is also an ephemeral concept, but at the same time you will get a beautiful, well-groomed and gentle woman who will not even let you pour tea, and at home there will always be tasty and hot food. But remember! Never offend Kazakh women, as Kazakh women have a lot of Kazakh brothers, relatives and friends who will never allow to offend women, in addition to a loving father. After all, a woman in Kazakhstan has a special status.

      If you are a woman, then know that you automatically have a special status and a Kazakh man will never give you an insult. If you find yourself in a difficult and dangerous situation, turn to the first man you come across and believe me, he will do everything to protect you. And men in Kazakhstan are very strong and courageous, so be sure that you are safe in this country.

      The dark-skinned guests of Kazakhstan can hear the word “Negr” from the side, but do not take it offended, since for the Kazakhs this has a completely different meaning. For Kazakhs, the word “Negr” only means that the person is not blond or not fair-skinned. Kazakhs use the word “Negr” even among themselves, referring to more dark-skinned comrades.

      If you have heard in Kazakhstan that strangers are contacting you not “sorry sir”, but “Hey brother(brat) / sister(sestra)”, do not be surprised. Kazakhs are a people who are accustomed to simple communication and human warmth, so all people for Kazakhs are originally relatives. Kazakhs as a whole are not accepted to apologize, it is customary to simply forget what should be ashamed, because we are all relatives. In this case, gradation is very important! Remember! If “bratishka” turned to you, it shows that you are initially younger and implies that you must show respect for the older “bratany”. Well, if "bratan," you can kiss yourself, you have shown great respect for certain merits, well, or simply because you are thicker. Just a “brother(brat)” is an average attitude towards a person, but a “bratuha” is already an affectionate attitude towards his close friend. Well, don’t be surprised if a little sized “bratan” starts to beat his younger, but big sized and adult “bratishka”, and at that time the little brother will only giggle silly, because Kazakhstan is a wonderful and largely mysterious country, where everyone is related to each other.

Visiting Kazakhstan | El-Tourism

      Visiting Kazakhstan, be prepared for the fact that at the main tourist sites, you will live in guest houses, not in hotels, as the infrastructure is still under construction. But there is also a huge plus, you will be surrounded by warmth, care and cordiality, and you will never be hungry, because you will not have time to digest what you have eaten, you will again be invited to "drink tea."