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Tour to Kolsai and Kaindy Lake

We invite you to visit the most beautiful places in the Almaty region - Kolsai and Kaindy. These lakes do not leave anyone indifferent, thousands of tourists year after year strive to visit them as

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Historical Tours

Turkestan - a new look

Dear friends!
We offer you the most interesting program "Turkestan-new vzgyad".
What will you see?
- cave Akmeshit
- Domalak ana
- mountains Kazygurt

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Big Almaty Lake

The Big Almaty Lake is one of the most beautiful places that you need to visit at least once if you are an Almaty citizen, and you just need to go there if you are a tourist or a guest in Almaty. A

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Historical Tours

Historical Turkestan

Otrar, Tarband, Turarband, Turar, Farab - before the Mongol invasion, one of the largest cities in Central Asia, now a settlement in the Otrar district of the South Kazakhstan region. It is located

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Sakral Tours

Tamgaly and Ungurtas

Ungurtas is popularly called the "navel of the earth." Ungurtas is located 100 km from Almaty, in the village of the same name. Back in the 90s after the manifestation of energy was notic

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Space, it is beautiful. Each of us is always happy to admire the stars, and we won’t miss the moment to raise our heads and look at the clear sky strewn with bright stars. Man has always been

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4 canyons of the Charyn river

We suggest you visit one of the most beautiful canyons of Kazakhstan: Temirlik, Uzunbulak (Lunar), Bestamak and Charyn.

Temirlik Canyons are named after the deepest tributary of the Chary

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Tour to Kolsai Lakes and Kaindy Lake

Visiting Kolsai 1, Kolsai 2 lakes, Kaindy Lake and the Black Canyon

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Charyn Canyon

      Truly one of the greatest places in Kazakhstan is those that formed millions of years ago, thanks to sedimentary rocks, this monument of nature has grown. How did he earn such

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Recreation Centers

Ulan Hot Spring Resort - travel and accommodation

The rooms are fully equipped with everything you need including: refrigerator, bathroom, satellite TV, air conditioning.

Hygiene items (toilet paper, shower gel, toothbrush and breakfast

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