Burkhan-Bulak Waterfall

Tours to the largest waterfall in Kazakhstan, Burkhan - Bulak.

      The Almaty region is rich in records and one of them is the majestic and highest waterfall of Kazakhstan, Burkhan - Bulak. It is located in the highlands of the Dzungarian Alatau in the gorge of the Kora River, which is outside the city of Tekeli.

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      In general, the entire length of the waterfall is 168 meters, and its visible part is 114 meters. With these numbers, the waterfall beat all the heights of other waterfalls in Kazakhstan and truly earned the title of the highest waterfall in the Republic of Kazakhstan and took the second largest place in Central Asia. The waterfall, of course, is located in a mountainous area and is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level.

      Going on the road to the largest waterfall in Kazakhstan first thing, a place that can delight you is the Korin Gorge itself. The nature of mountain ranges embody virgin and untouched by man. The gorge itself is spread over a length of 90 kilometers, and the depth of the Korin Gorge in some places reaches up to a kilometer! The atmosphere in this area is very lively, pacifying and delighting with its beauty. It is surrounded by this beauty that the Kora river flows, to which the Burkhan – Bulak waterfall “falls”.

The Karin Gorge is the unspoiled beauty of the Dzungarian Alatau.

      The beauty seen here cannot be described in words, just as it is impossible to fully convey the whole atmosphere with photographs. Not much can compare with the feelings that encompass the first time you meet a waterfall - a giant.

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      There is a local legend about Burkhan - Bulak. It speaks of a mother who had a son. She protected him and protected him like a ray of light. She also wished him a humble and quiet wife. But young Burkhan fell in love with the daring and freedom-loving Bark. Everything would be fine, but as soon as Burkhan's mother found out about this, she forbade him to see Kora and erected a huge castle in which she locked her son in sign of punishment. But the love that the young man had for his beloved was so strong that he managed to break out of captivity and merge with Cora. Many years have passed since then, and the beloved are still together. And only near the waterfall a small rivulet flows, which was called "Tears of the Mother." Here is such an interesting legend.

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      The waterfall is beautiful at any time of the year, but the best time to visit it is mid-summer, it is at this time that it is warmest than anything, from which glaciers melt and give more strength to the Burkhan-Bulak waterfall. It is also exactly at this time that it is warmest than all, but still, keep in mind that the climate is cool and humid, and you need to dress appropriately, daily rains are not uncommon. In winter, it is quite cold and the temperature can drop to minus forty degrees Celsius. At such a time, the waterfall freezes, and the Kora River “captures” the ice edge. Although it is difficult to get here in such weather, the winter landscapes here are not inferior to the summer ones.

How to get and get to the Burhan - Bulak waterfall?

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