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Tours to Turgen wateralls

Turgen waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist places in Almaty.

      Probably the most popular tourist route of Almaty natural attractions is Turgen waterfalls. Waterfalls are located in the gorge of Zailiysky Alatau and have a very rich area for sightseeing. Going on a tour to Turgen, you will pass a wonderful route that includes such wonderful places as an ostrich farm, a wonderful open-air museum "Altyn Adam", and also visit a trout farm.

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      But whatever the route, the main attractions of the tour have always been and remain Turgen Falls.

      The picturesque nature of Zailiysky Alatau has excellent landscapes, rich lowlands and ridges on which are gaining color, in the shade of courageous and towering fir trees, shrubs of barberry, raspberry and currant. It is from the elevation of these places that the Turgen River begins its path thanks to the waters, which two Turgen Falls appeared about which we will write.

Turgen Gorge and its two "brothers".

      The first on the way of travelers to meet a waterfall, which is called "Bear". It is located just a kilometer from the road and getting to it while enjoying the local views is not difficult. The waterfall is located at an altitude of 1559 meters above sea level and it is located on the lands of Ile - Alatau National Park.

Turgen Gorge | El-Tourism

      Having passed a small path, having a snack on the way and gaining strength after arrival, in front of the travelers there will be molasses of river water falling from a height of 30 meters. Which break out from under the rocks and break into small splashes that shimmer in the sun, forming something resembling clouds.

      Bear Falls is considered the most popular of all waterfalls that can be found on the territory of Zailiysky Alatau and it is no accident, because getting to it is not difficult. But to see a truly fabulous picture, you need to be patient and make a little effort.

      The second of the waterfalls is Kairak waterfall and it is much harder to get to it than to Medvezhyi, but be sure that all efforts will pay off, because the reward for the most stubborn and diligent travelers and lovers of active mountain recreation will be an amazing view of the courageous and powerful high Kairak waterfall .

      It is located at an altitude of 2130 meters above sea level and approaching the waterfall, and to get to it you will have to overcome the path from the forestry, which will take about three hours. Approaching the cherished place, you will hear how the waterfall meets you with the sound of a drum roll, with which drops of water break, reaching the ground from a height of 55 meters. If we take into account the entire length of the waterfall, along with its rapids, then its length will be 74 meters!

      And so you came to the waterfall, and what do you see? An amazing panorama of untouched nature shackled into brutal cliffs, on which Kairak Falls itself sweep, breaking ground, interrupts all the sounds that impede it.

So how do you get or get to Turgen Falls?

      There is not one post, many articles and reviews that describe two ways by which you can get to the coveted place, along the Kuldzhinsky or Talgar highway. Having passed through which some distance you will need to turn, get to a certain place, turn again and not get lost. This is all not important! In addition, the very arrival and finding the necessary paths will take more effort than the trip to the waterfall itself.

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