City group tours in Almaty

City tours in Almaty​.

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      The southern capital of Kazakhstan - the city of Almaty has always been a hospitable, versatile and colorful city. One of the distinguishing features of Almaty has always been its climate and location. And it was located on the territory of the mountains of Zailiysky Alatau, which always attracted tourists and was a pride for the Alma-Ata themselves.

      The city itself was the first capital of Independent Kazakhstan, but in 1997 transferred its status to Astana. Despite this, Almaty has always been and remains a center, both cultural and financially - economical. The city held the status of the only city - a millionaire right up to 2017, but there are enough numbers, let us tell you about how city tours are held in Almaty.

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      In general, as in Astana, city tours can differ from each other, both territorially and thematically. For Almaty city tours can be roughly divided into two types. These are city tours during which you can visit the most significant buildings of the city, monuments, monuments and cultural and entertainment places.

      And the second type of tours can be called "natural". As everyone knows, the Zailiysky Alatau, in the outline of which the city spread its shoulders, is rich in its mountainous nature, lakes, peaks and historical places. Mountain type of recreation has always been an inherent feature, both for the city itself and for the townspeople.

Let's look at one of the city tours in Almaty.

      On average, a tour of the city itself takes no more than three hours, during which time you can get acquainted with many attractions and interesting places of the Southern Capital. For example, your tour begins in the city center and passes through places such as:

  • The Central State Museum, where you can learn a lot not only about the history of Kazakhstan, but also the friendship of its peoples, about how versatile it is and is equal to everyone.
  • Take a look at the Presidential Residence, whence the most important messages for the people came from and the most important issues were resolved. Now the president is here during his stay in Almaty.
  • Visit the Republic Square and admire the monument of independence of Kazakhstan.
  • Walk past the Abay Opera and Ballet Theater, where some of the most beautiful paintings of both world classics and national folklore are staged.
  • Astana Square, where the former Akimat of Almaty is located, delights with its architectural structure.

      And be sure, this is far from half of the places you can visit during a city tour. Thanks to such a trip, you will be able to independently find out why Almaty is called the city of thousands of colors.

How to get to city - tour in Almaty?

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      Many travel companies have their own city tours, but these tours do not always include places of interest to the client, the most convenient time or other conditions for the tour in their program.

      We offer you the services of our service, which contains a huge database of tours in Kazakhstan, including city tours in Almaty! You can choose for yourself the most suitable tour that would completely satisfy your desires!

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