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Rafting tours

For fans of extreme sports, we offer you to try rafting. This type of vacation is perfect for those who quite often go on an adventure, and for people who spend their weekends calmer, but decided to discharge a little.

For those who have no idea what rafting is, where it goes and in general, what its essence is, don’t worry, we will explain everything to you now. Rafting is an alloy along the river in a special boat with a bowed nose. Although this activity may seem rather dangerous, however, it is so, but the rivers along which our partners organize rafting have dangerous sections for experienced rafters who know how to behave in different situations along the river. And safer stretches for people without experience who decided to try themselves in this exciting sport.

Rafting is a great way to spend an active day off surrounded by aspiring people and great natural views. On the Web pages of our service you can find rafting tours from our partners who will offer you to go down the stream of various rivers, like Almaty, for example, along the Turgen river or the Chilik river, and along other rivers throughout Kazakhstan, for example, along the Nura River, which belongs to the resort village of Borovoye.

Why is rafting so attractive?

Besides the fact that this is a great way to spend a day off excitingly and profitably for yourself, this is also a good collective lesson. There are many companies, both friends and people who are members of amateur teams, who prefer rafting to other hobbies. Also, now many companies have caught the trend of team building, and rafting is one of the most effective ways to build teamwork and understanding between colleagues.