Assy Plateau

Plateu Assy

There is no better place in Kazakhstan, well, at least in the Almaty region, for sure, where you can feel the full high-altitude freedom. Assy Plateau generously gives calm, peace and beauty of its landscapes to everyone who comes here. The huge jailau stretch in all directions of the world at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. It offers a beautiful view of the Turgen Gorge, which is especially bright and pronounced in the summer, the endless expanses of the lowlands indented by the Chilik River, which is located along the gorge "snake". This is a great place to relax and put your thoughts in order, which is strange, if after a trip to Alma - Arasan gorge, for example, you may be exhausted from climbing rocks and courageous rocks pumping over you, then things are different with the Assa Plateau . It may be a strange remark, but after the trip, at the same time, Alma - Arasan Gorge just needs another day to rest, to take a breath and regain strength. From Assa Plateau, everything is different, after a trip here you seem to be charged with a huge amount of energy and ready for the upcoming workdays or other matters, such is the situation here and the energy of the place, or something.

Assy observatory

Okay, we are off topic. The plateau itself is beautiful at any time of the year, although it is most popular on a plateau in the summertime, they also like to come here in late autumn, when the first snow fell on the hills of the gorge and turned it into a fabulous non-terrestrial place. In addition to the landscapes themselves, the Assy Plateau is known for its ideal astrophysical conditions, there is an abandoned observatory, now called the Assy Observatory. This is at the same time the greatest place and a place that causes bewilderment. Now let’s explain why.At the previously known observatory located on the Kamensky plateau there was a flare, which led to the impossibility of its full work. It was decided to find an even more suitable place and build an even more superior observatory on it. So did the Astrophysical Institute of the Kazakh SSR in 1975. And by 1981, constant observations were started at full speed with the German Zeiss telescope. Astrophysicists did not stop there, and it was decided to build an even more perfect point for the observatory, which would be several times higher and equipped with a 1.5-meter telescope of the Leningrad production. The event could be a breakthrough in the astrophysics of the USSR, and the observatory could become the real technological heritage of friendly peoples. But, as we all know, in 1991 the union collapsed, and the construction of the observatory was frozen and left us with only a reminder in the form of an abandoned hotel at the observatory and the empty dome towering above it, once inspiring hope for a bright future. It is said that the first observatory is still functioning, but is it really not known to us?

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