Petroglyphs of Tanbaly

Tanbaly Petroglyphs

Another significant historical heritage found on the territory of Kazakhstan is the Tanbala petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are located in the mountains of Anrakai, 170 kilometers from the city of Almaty. Petroglyphs themselves are considered one of the most striking monuments of ancient cave art and in 2004 were included in the heritage of UNESCO. They will be discussed.

The sanctuary itself located on the rocks of which petroglyphs were found, was discovered at the end of the 50s, and they began to study in 1970 and continued for ten years. About two thousand cave paintings were discovered that date back to the Bronze Age. Later it turned out that the rocks contain petroglyphs of different eras, from the Bronze Age to the flesh to the 14th century AD. They were divided into seven groups, the report of which begins from the final section of the gorge.

This is a rather interesting place for lovers of history and archeology, as well as for all curious and curious residents and guests of the Southern Capital. Of course, all the petroglyphs were thoroughly studied. And examples of legends and stories depicted on the rocks were revealed, but we won’t “spoil” them for you =) We will only tell you that they are breathtaking and quite entertaining, especially for the generation that grew up on Indiana Jones films.

On the rocks you can see many different compositions that will tell you their story. These are sun-headed deities, warriors, marriage couples, women in labor, many diverse solitary images with animals, as well as images of hunting, battles and rites. The area brings for everyone the atmosphere of ancient times, which leaves inspiration for history and archeology. A wonderful place to learn something new, not only about the history of images, but also about the history of their native land!

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