Tours to Issyk lake, How to Get There?

Tours to Issyk Lake

Tours to Issyk lake

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      Issyk Lake is famous for its picturesque mountain landscapes and is considered one of the most beloved places of visits, both for Almaty residents and guests of the southern capital. At an altitude of 1760 meters, you can admire the beauty of the dense forest, the freshness of the air and the brightness of the flowers that strewn this area. And besides, the lake itself is located only 70 kilometers from Almaty, which makes a trip to it from the city short in time and not difficult, it is not for nothing that this is the most popular place for picnics.

      Geologists believe that Tours to Issyk lake was formed 8 thousand years ago and it appeared due to the strongest mountain avalanche. As a result, natural platinum was formed with a height of more than three hundred meters. All this created ideal conditions for the formation of the lake, which our Lake Issyk has become.

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      An ideal tourist environment arose on the area where the lake appeared and, starting in 1939, the area began to be actively landscaped. And after some time, a well-paved road led to the lake, and a tourist base and even its own bus station settled at the lake itself. It would seem that everything is quite good, Issyk Lake was so fond of tourists that it even appeared on tourist postcards and brochures of the Soviet Union.

      Everything changed in 1963. The terrible mudflow, which hit the dam from the ice zone of the river of the same name, demolished the dam. The dam was so destroyed that it took only about four hours for the lake to completely lose its waters. According to official sources, the tragedy claimed a hundred lives.

      The memory of this terrible event will forever remain a scar on our hearts, and the huge boulders that have reached the lower shore will remain a reminder to us.

      Despite the fact that at the moment the lake was restored, it has halved. However, the area will never lose its beauty, and will always attract tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as those who wish to have a picnic in such a wonderful place as Lake Issyk.

So how do you get Tours to Issyk lake?

      On the Internet, there are a lot of maps and paths that lead to Lake Issyk, you can find out about bus routes, hire a taxi driver, wander for a while and, in the end, get to it, but having already lost your strength and desire to somehow admire and penetrate the terrain. And there is also a return road ahead.

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