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      One of the other amazing natural places is Lake Balkhash. The lake is considered semi-freshwater and this is its main feature. The waters are divided in half by a narrow strait. In the western part of the lake, the water is almost fresh, when in the eastern part it is salty. Moreover, the lake is closed, that is, its appearance in the desert, in the nutria of the continent, is already unusual. Balkhash occupies the fourteenth place in size among all the lakes, and the second place, after the Caspian Sea, among the never-ending lakes.

      There is a beautiful legend that explains the appearance of the lake. It speaks of a sorcerer - richer and his daughter Ili. Balkhash wanted to marry his daughter and was looking for her a worthy and noble husband. The sons of the richest families of China, Mongolia and the sons of Bukhara merchants came to compete for the heart of the beauty, and the local poor son of the shepherd Karatal, who was in love with the beautiful Ili, who reciprocated, came to compete for their happiness. It was decided that the groom will be selected in the competition and that of the husbands who win in the largest of them will take Or wife. The path of Karatal to the heart of Eli was difficult, but still he could become a winner, which the sorcerer Balkhash did not like, and he drove the winner away. Nevertheless, the love of young hearts was stronger than prohibitions, and after waiting for the night, or escaped from the palace with Karatal, thereby angering Balkhash. The sorcerer decided that they would never be together and turned his beloved into fast rivers, and so that they would never meet each other, he spilled between them a gloomy and gray lake.

      Here is such a legend, albeit sad, but still beautiful.

      In addition to beautiful stories, Balkhash is rich in its flora and fauna, here you can find about 120 species of birds, 60 species of plants, some of which are listed in the Red Book. And also in the waters of Balkhash there are up to 20 species of fish, which all year round attracts a lover and fishing professionals.

Tours to Lake Balkhash | El-tourism

      The area is beautiful and bewitching, especially in the warm season, when in the morning you can go to the beach, sunbathe, swim, perhaps even catch fish. And in the evening, gather around a campfire or cocktail bowl and spend the evening in a pleasant environment, interrupting with delicious meat of local fish. Such conditions attract many tourists, in particular, they are either residents of Kazakhstan or Russians.

      Also on Balkhash there are a lot of health centers, places for boating, as well as historical places that will certainly be interesting to history and adventure lovers.

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