Tours on lake balkhash, How to get to Alakol?

Tours on Lake Alakol

Tours on Lake Alakol

Alakol Lake | El-tourism

      Tours on Lake Alakol is also called a “healing lake”, the composition of the lake’s water favorably affects the removal of both joint and muscle pain, which allows you to completely relax and fully feel rest from the bustle and endless everyday life. In addition to the water itself, the air that is saturated with Alakol is also beneficial, often people come here to prevent pulmonary ailments. And this is not the whole lake is rich in hydrogen sulfide mud, which is used to treat the musculoskeletal system, as well as to treat the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Tours to Alakol | El-tourism

      Having added the freshness of the air, rich in a variety of soothing steppe herbs, as well as the beauty of the landscapes to the healing component of the area of ​​Lake Alakol, you also get an ideal place where you can relax and put your thoughts in order, simultaneously improving your health.

      It’s also the name that Alakol bears, it is a “motley lake”. When you are here, you will understand why they call it that, because the azure - blue color that the lake has in the morning changes to purple - violet, with the onset of sunset. And the water, overflowing, creates an unforgettable and fabulous picture.

      There is also a place for fishermen, the pond is full of a variety of local fish species, so the fisherman will not have to be bored here. As well as lovers of historical places will not be bored, you will have time for acquaintance with the Dzungarian gate, Devil's Bridge and Lake Zhalanashkol.

How to get to Tours on Lake Alakol​?

Как Доехать до Алаколя | El-Tourism

      We do not offer you maps, detours and tips on where to stop along the way to see any significant place.

      We offer you a convenient, turnkey solution that will not only save you money, but also will not let you miss all the fun while traveling and staying on Alakol!

      Thanks to our service, you have the opportunity to choose the most suitable tour to Alakol for yourself, the program of which will include everything that you will be interested to know and see, also through our service you can choose for yourself a satisfying Alakol hotel where you will feel comfortable and as calm as possible.

      All you need to do for this is to choose the most suitable tour for you to Alakol from our database of travel partners, then pay for the tour in two clicks on-line. All that remains for you to do next is to collect the necessary set of things and arrive at the appointed place of departure at the agreed time. Convenience and simplicity of service, for your quality vacation!

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