Tours to observatory

Man has always been drawn to the stars. Fascinating endless in its depths starry sky, which is fraught with an infinite number of puzzles and secrets. Nevertheless, man was always able to find something warm and close, at first glance, in the cold and repulsive emptiness of the cosmic sky. And the dream or desire of many boys and girls has always been to be at least a drop closer to the stars and look at them from a different, more open view. What can we say about those people who did not leave this thought and the cosmos became a hobby and a hobby for them?

Fortunately, there is an observatory on the territory of Almaty, in which you can fulfill your long-standing childhood dream, perhaps this place will become one of your favorite leisure activities. All this is available on tours to the Vasily Georgievich Fesenkov Observatory. Moreover, tours to the observatory offer you not just an entertaining trip, but a trip in which you will learn a lot of new, interesting things and you can use a strategic telescope.

Almaty observatory named by Fesenkov

The observatory for which tours are organized is located on the Kamensky Plateau, this is one of three observatories under the auspices of the Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute. The observatory itself is located at an altitude of almost one and a half thousand meters, which is why a beautiful and favorable view for working with telescopes opened up for it. It was necessary to erect an observatory with a wonderful astrophysical climate for productive and accurate observation of cosmic bodies, which makes this area ideally suited. So in 1947 the construction of the observatory, then still bearing the name of the Mountain Astrophysical Observatory (GAO), began, this name lasted until 1950, then the observatory was called the Astrophysical Institute, and in our time the observatory bears the name of its founder - academician astrophysicist Vasily Georgievich Fesenkov.

The observatory itself has four telescopes of strategic importance, one of which the observatory kindly provides for use on excursions. The tour also includes a lecture from one of the observatory staff. Another attraction of the observatory is the so-called “wish path”. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it was laid out along the seventy-seventh meridian, it is believed that if you walk here with your soul mate, this leads to happiness in the relationship.


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