Kolsai Lakes

Kolsay lakes - perl of Tyan Shan

Probably one of the most fascinating places that all tourists and guests of the South Capital of Kazakhstan need to visit is Kolsai Lakes. The bewitching look, the unusually calm and confident atmosphere created by our domestic nature and enclosing it between the ridges of the Zailiysky Alatau and Kungei-Alatau cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The bewitching beauty of tours to Kolsay.
      It is here that the three exquisite pearls of the Northern Tien Shan are located, which proudly wears this precious “necklace”. Although all the lakes are under the auspices of Kolsai, each of them is individually and individually not only located, but also in such things as the fauna near the lake and even the emotions experienced while being near them.

On your way to be the first you meet the medium-sized of Kolsai Lakes and his name is Lake Saty. The middle of the lakes is located at an altitude of 1800 meters and spread over a length of a kilometer and a width of up to 400 meters. It should be noted that of the three "pearls" this is the deepest lake and its depth reaches up to 80 meters, so that even on the hottest days the water manages to remain cold, within 6-8 degrees.

Then, in order to get to the second Tien Shan miracle, you will have to gather strength and walk a little along the path leading to the lake. The largest and most impressive of the lakes is located 430 meters higher and the distance traveled to it is the lowest price for the landscape seen and the feelings gained. Kolsaysky Lake Mynzhylgy is truly the most impressive of the three and the most chic. Although its depth is inferior to Lake Saty (50 meters), it is much larger in size, which saturates the pastime with even greater inspiration of natural beauty and makes every moment spent here unforgettable. The picture that opens before your eyes is comparable to the natural landscapes of large budget Hollywood films, imagine how to realize that this is all for real and is really located in front of you.

But you should not "revel" to the dump with the beauty of the largest of Kolsai lakes, because there is another lake ahead of us. The smallest of the three that hid even higher at an altitude of 2850 meters above sea level. And do not skimp on the meters traveled, because rising above 600 meters, you will see an unforgettable alpine picture of the lake, located between the rocks.

Besides the beautiful surroundings of all three lakes, it is impossible not to mention the water itself, with which our "pearls" are filled. The magical shades of water only emphasize the whole fabulous component of the place of residence, the deep emerald-green saturated color fascinates and subjugates the look, while at the same time it is able to calm and calm. And now you begin to understand that the lake is no longer emerald, but bright blue, so much so that it might seem that a canvas has been pulled over the lake that holds the lake’s waters.

How to get to Kolsai lakes?
      Of course, there are lots of ways and options to get to this beautiful place. The Internet is full of necessary information, maps and routes. Of course, you can always go on your own, taking a card with you, or rely on a smartphone or even rely on luck and not indifference of local residents.

      But we offer you a more convenient and advanced way to get to Kolsai Lakes, without turning around questions about how to get to them.

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