Nature of Southern Kazakhstan

Visiting Southern Kazakhstan

It so happened both historically and for natural reasons that in the southern part of Kazakhstan concentrated most of the country's attractions. Any resident of Kazakhstan knows about the most popular places in the Southern region and wants to visit there at least once. For people who were born and spent their teens in the territory of the Kazakh SSR, these are primarily places such as: Medeo (a high-mountain skating rink located in the city of Almaty), the mausoleum of Kozha Ahmed Yassaui (a holy place located in Turkestan), Charyn canyon (located in the Almaty region), as well as Issyk Lake, which was extremely popular in Soviet times. Young people of Kazakhstan, of course, are attracted by the South Capital of Kazakhstan - Almaty, its nightlife, developed infrastructure, the same high-mountain skating rink Medeo and Chimbulak.

These places are far from all that the southern part of our homeland is rich in; moreover, this is not even half of everything that you can see and with which you can get carried away by local tourism.

Southern Kazakhstan is quite large and originates from the shores of Lake Balkhash in the north and extends up to the Tien Shan mountain ranges and to the area belonging to the Aral Sea in the west. Even if you are able to devote for conquering all the significant places, historical monuments and natural riches of South Kazakhstan, even if the season is different, then most likely you will not have enough time to learn all the secrets and see enough of the beauties of South Kazakhstan. Even if you live on the road from place to place, these lands are so rich.

Of course, if you have the opportunity to go in for tourism, and all you know about the treasures and natural wonders of our country are their names that you once heard from the bottom of your ear, then independent tourism will be a serious test for you. A huge variety of places where you want to get to, where you want to visit and imbued with a historical or natural atmosphere, simply - simply turn your head. And from hundreds of routes, trails and hidden areas from an unarmed look or the availability of information from a place, your head can “burst”.

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