Tours on Shonjy hot springs, How to Get to Shonjy?

Tours on Shonjy Hot Springs

Tours on Shonjy hot springsHot Springs Shonjy | El-tourism

      As you have already guessed, hot springs are located in the territory of Tours on Shonjy hot springs village, which refers to the administrative Uyghur district of Almaty region. The path that you have to travel from Almaty to the hot springs is not close and on average takes about five hours, but this time spent on the road will be decorated with unique landscapes and significant places of the area, such as, for example, a relict ash grove or the legendary river Charyn. All this, surrounded by the ridges of Zailiysky Alatau, will make a whole documentary out of the trip, which you could see on Discovery.

      And now, after a while, you fall into the territory of the action of hot springs near Shonjy, there are a lot of recreation areas, sanatoriums and bases. And the village of Chundzha itself became a local popular “star” of the administrative Uygur region. Over the long time of its existence, hot springs have gained popularity and have been mastered by the tourism industry with a bang, which is just right for us, because thanks to all this we have a huge selection of our place of stay, which means our vacation will take place in the most satisfactory place for us.

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      Now you can settle in the chosen place and relax, dissolved in the hot waters of the spring. By the way, hot springs are not only a form of relaxation, they are also used for recreational purposes. Staying at the hot springs and direct immersion in the hot waters of Tours on Shonjy Hot Springs stimulate the blood and lymph flow, respectively, the body begins to enter the active phase, distributing and assimilating more nutrients, which stimulates the immune system. Also, being in hot springs has an excellent physiotherapeutic effect on both joints and muscles.

      In general, this is an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simultaneously improve your health and temper your body. Also, in addition to the presence of the hot springs themselves, there are plenty of establishments where you can spend a pleasant time with a friendly company.

So how do you get there and get Tours on Shonjy hot springs?

      Yes, the path to the hot springs is not so close and its length is about 250 kilometers, a one-way trip takes an average of 4 to 5 hours. Usually, this entire path is divided into four stages from villages located along the path, such as Kulja, Chilik and Shonjy itself.

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      But it doesn’t matter if you use our El - tourism service! You no longer have to look for the necessary roads, paths and settlements on the maps, rush to the destination before sunset, wander and miss interesting places in the vicinity.

      All you now need to do in order to get to the hot springs is to go to our travel service and choose a Tours on Shonjy Hot Springs that you prefer. Here you will select the tour that will ideally satisfy you both in its program and in the place of stay at the hottest spring.

      All this is done in just two clicks: a tour is selected and paid on-line. And all that remains for you to do in order to go on an interesting Tours on Shonjy Hot Springs is to pack a backpack with the necessary things and arrive at the collection point at the appointed time in the center of Almaty. Everything has become much easier with the service "El - tourism".

      "El - tourism" - we make domestic tourism more affordable!

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