Visiting Charyn canyon


Probably there is no such person in Kazakhstan who would not hear about the Charyn Canyon; moreover, this is a favorite place for tourists from other CIS countries and visitors to Almaty from other states.

      What is the secret to the popularity of this place? What is it famous for? And how to get to it? We will talk about all this in this article.

What is Charyn Canyon?
      First of all, Charyn is a natural monument, and it is not without reason. The age of rocks here reaches more than twelve million years! Just imagine how many stories and remnants the rugged canyon stones have accumulated in your memory! And this is another of the features of the area, what kind of cliffs here are comparable to the landscape from a fairy tale, the whole area is covered by an atmosphere of mysticism and mystery. What greatly attracts adventure lovers from all over the world.

Many people know that the Charyn Canyon is the second largest and second only to its elder brother - the Grand Canyon, which in turn is located in Colorado. But not everyone knows that Charyn is rich in its rare nature, most of the specimens of animals and plants are noted in the Red Book as specimens that are on the verge of extinction.

The largest rarity in the bosom of the Charyn Canyon is considered a relic ash grove, a similarity of such a natural phenomenon is found only in North America. Like Charyn himself, the grove has been recognized as a Natural Monument since 1964.

      In the canyon valley, you can find more than one and a half thousand species of plants, about sixty species of mammals, more than a hundred diverse birds and twenty-five species of reptiles!

      Ideal for exploring the amazing nature of Kazakhstan!

Charyn Canyon is a living fairy tale.
      During the long, incomprehensible, time of the canyon's existence, an incomprehensible set of myths and legends was born, hanging over Charyn by a huge cloud of mythical stories and tales, the speech of which passes from mouth to mouth.

      There is a story that the Charyn Canyon is the gateway to the world of spirits and witches, and the terrain itself is their refuge. According to legend, all the bizarre rocks located here are living creatures, which were turned into stone by local witches. Still not tickling curiosity?

Of course, all the mysticism and magic of the place is revealed at night, especially during a clear starry sky. It was then that a magical picture opened before visitors: a clear sky strewn with billions of brightly shimmering diamond stars that illuminate the bizarre rocks and the whole valley with their twinkle. There are not enough words to describe the condition that occurs during a stay in the canyon at night, which actually has become a favorite thing for tourists who have noted Charyn in their maps.


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