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A fascinating tour of the Silk Road in Central Asia.

      When planning a vacation, you are surely striving to get vivid emotions and memorable impressions. We offer a fascinating excursion into history - a tour full of ancient legends, beautiful landscapes and luxurious oriental architecture. It's time to arm yourself with a camera and go on a journey through the mysterious territories of the ancient Silk Road.

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      In a short time you will get acquainted with the peculiarities of the culture of the inhabitants of Asia and plunge into the atmosphere of an oriental tale. The tour covers three countries related by common aspects of religion and traditions: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Once in the ancient cities of these countries there was a brisk trade in precious stones, silk, furs, ivory and spices. Thanks to the merchants, the culture of the West and the East was enriched. And now this territory keeps historical traces of destructive wars, the decline and prosperity of ancient cities.


Tours in Central Asia. Uzbekistan | El-Tourism

      The real surprise of tourists is the sincere hospitality of local residents, colorful mosques and ancient architectural structures. In our program - acquaintance with the most significant cities and historical monuments.


Tours in Central Asia. Bukhara | El-tourism

      Bukhara is a holy city for every Muslim. A city with centuries-old traditions and stunning architecture. Caravans stopped here for trade, replenishment of water and rest after a tiring road. The ancient city is worthy of careful study, but we will stop at a tour of the most amazing historical sites:

Mausoleum of the Samanids.

Tour of Central Asia. Mausoleum of Samanids | El-tourism

      The most famous ancient monument in Uzbekistan. Its construction dates back to the IX-X (9-10) century. The mausoleum is crowned by a large dome, and the skillful masonry of brick walls forms a beautiful mosaic. The ancient building was built by Ismail Samani for his father. Subsequently, this building became the tomb of the dynasty and an architectural monument. Contrary to the requirements of Islam, the Mausoleum has a covered structure. This distinguishes it from most similar structures.

Mausoleum of Chashma-Ayyub.

Tours in Central Asia. Mausoleum of Chashma Ayyub | El-Tourism

      Mausoleum of Chashma-Ayyub, whose origin is fanned by legends. According to legend, the prophet saw the torment of the people from drought, hit the ground with his staff, and in this place a spring appeared. Around the source was built a building with domes of yellowish stone. They say that the water in the spring has healing properties and can cure many ailments.

The oldest city of Samarkand.

Tours in Central Asia. Samarkand | El-tourism

      One of the oldest cities in the world, Samarkand, enjoys constant popularity of tourists. Most of the magnificent architectural creations were created during the reign of the great Tamerlane. The ruler saw in the city not only one of the major centers of trade, but also the capital of the whole world. Magnificent gardens, mosques, mausoleums and fountains, as in the past, emphasize the greatness of the ancient city. In Samarkand you will visit the most interesting places:

Ulugbek Observatory.

Tours in Central Asia. Ulugbek Observatory | El-tourism

      An amazing find of archaeologists, now restored to the delight of tourists. The ruins of an ancient observatory date from the beginning of the 15th (15th) century. Its founder was the astronomer Muhammad Taragay Ulugbek, who spent a lot of time here in studies of the starry sky.

Necropolis of Shahi Zinda.

 Tours in Central Asia. Necropolis of Shihi Zinda | El-tourism

      An ancient architectural ensemble, fully reflecting the skill of ancient architects. It consists of mausoleums built at different times. The first of them was founded in the ninth century. According to legends, the brother of the Prophet Muhammad, representatives of the Tamerlane dynasty, scholars and noble persons rest in the mausoleums. The buildings of Shahi Zinda amaze the beauty of mosaics, ornate patterns, inscriptions and ornaments.

Hast Imam Square.

Tours in Central Asia. Hast Imam Square | El-tourism

      Another place of religious worship for Muslims. They say that it is here that the original of the Koran Khalif Osman, created in the seventh century from the skin of a deer, is stored. The architectural complex of Hast Imam is made in a characteristic Islamic style with elements of carving and mosaic. The library of the complex stores over 30 thousand ancient manuscripts.

Bazaar of Chorsu.

Tours in Central Asia. Chorsu Bazaar | El-tourism

      The construction with a long history. It was built at the intersection of two roads, which became the reason for this name. Thanks to its good location, there has always been a lively trade in nuts, sweets, fruits, sauces and spices. Now the pavilion hosts exhibitions of young and already famous artists.


Tours in Central Asia. Kazakhstan | El-tourism

      A country of serene steppes, snowy mountain peaks and blue lakes. More than 120 nationalities live on this land, which explains the diversity of the country's culture. The greatest interest for tourists is Almaty. On the territory of the former capital, many modern entertainment centers, parks, historical monuments, architectural objects are concentrated:

Park 28 Panfilovites.

Tours in Central Asia. Park 28 Panfilovtsev | El-tourism

      The most popular holiday destination in Almaty. The park was renamed during World War II in honor of 28 shooters who heroically repelled German attacks on the outskirts of Moscow. Now, in the shade of perennial pines, poplars, elms and oaks, neat paths and walking alleys are laid.

Ascension Cathedral.

Tours in Central Asia. Ascension Cathedral | El toursm      Another architectural masterpiece built of wood at the beginning of the XX (20th) century. In the Soviet era, the temple building was reserved for the first radio station in Kazakhstan. Only at the end of the XIX (19th) century the temple was returned to the fold of the Orthodox Church. Today, the current Orthodox wooden cathedral is still fascinating with the grandeur of painted domes and the beauty of architecture.

Museum of National Instruments.

Tours in Central Asia. Museum of Musical Instruments | El-tourism

      Among the exhibits you will see not only modern musical instruments, but also unique exhibits restored according to the descriptions of folk craftsmen: Zhetygen, Sazgen, Dudyga, Adyrna, Tokyldak, core, Uuldek, Uskuruk.

Mount Kok-Tobe.

Tours in Central Asia. Mount Kok-Tobe | El-tourism

      This corner of Almaty has become a resting place relatively recently, in 1960. In a short time, the necessary infrastructure was created, a cable car and a picturesque park. Later, a TV tower was built here, which can be seen from anywhere in the city. On the territory you can choose souvenirs, enjoy the panorama of Almaty from one of the viewing platforms and throw a coin into the fountain, making a wish.

Ice rink and Medeo gorge.

Tours in Central Asia. Ice Rink and Medeo Gorge | El-tourism

      Amazingly beautiful place. The sports complex is surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks and forest landscapes. The pride is a modern ice rink. From possible mudflows and floods it is protected by a dam. During a leisurely walk through the complex you can take spectacular photos and listen to fascinating stories associated with this corner of nature.


Tours in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan | El-tourism

      Most of the country's territory is mountainous regions at the foot of the Tien Shan, Pamir and Altai. The climbers are attracted by gently sloping long slopes, travelers - picturesque valleys and blue lakes. The tour includes a visit to Bishkek - the largest city in the country, its capital. Here you will see the most popular attractions that will make you fall in love with this country:

Oak Park.

Tours in Central Asia. Oak Park | El-tourism

      Founded at the end of the 19th century. The territory is conditionally divided. One part of it is occupied by luxurious oaks, wide shady alleys and fountains. The rest of the square houses cultural sites: an open-air sculpture museum, St. Nicholas Church and the beautiful 12 Bowl Fountain.

Ala-Too Square.

Tours in Central Asia. Ala-Too Square | El-tourism

      One of the most beautiful and significant places in the city, where fairs, exhibitions, gala rallies and holidays are held. In the evenings, music plays here, in winter the square dresses in New Year’s attire, and in summer and spring it pleases the eye with variegated flower beds and green lawns.

National Philharmonic.

Tours in Central Asia. National Philharmonic | El-tourism

      The architectural pride of the city. The snow-white building is surrounded by a picturesque square with fountains, colorful lawns and monuments. City dwellers and tourists love to stroll along the spacious alleys, enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Issyk-Kul Lake.

Tours in Central Asia. Issyk-Kul Lake | El-tourism

      A unique creation of nature, which is often called the "pearl of Asia." About 80 mountain streams flow into the lake, enriching the chemical composition of water and endowing it with healing properties. Therefore, water does not freeze in winter, and in transparency it is second only to Baikal. Beautiful beaches are equipped on the lake, amusement rides and cafes are built. In summer, due to the melting of glaciers on the mountain peaks, the volume of water in the lake increases by almost half. In 2006, archaeologists discovered in the water the remains of an ancient Scythian settlement. Its blurry outlines can be seen on a quiet sunny day.

Burana Tower.

Туры по Центральной Азии. Башня Бурана | El-Tourism

      According to archaeologists, the Burana tower is one of the oldest architectural structures, the remainder of the ancient city of Balasagun. It was built over 10 centuries ago. At that time, it was a religious center, from the height of which came the call to prayers. Only clergymen could get inside. Near the tower you can see tombs and numerous stone figures of the pre-Islamic period.

Culinary traditions and national dishes of Central Asia.

      A rich tour of three countries, so distinctive, but having a lot in common, will give unique emotions. You are waiting for amazing landscapes, ancient architecture, oriental bazaars with beautiful decorations and souvenirs. But in addition to spiritual food, you will fully enjoy the gastronomic delights of a generous oriental cuisine.

      Each country has its own national traditions and subtleties. Try original dishes on earth, where they were first born. Feel the authentic taste and aroma - a real gift for any gourmet. And be sure - no dyes or flavors! Only natural products, clean air and hot eastern sun.

      Throughout the trip there will be many colorful oriental bazaars. You can buy not only souvenirs, but also fruits poured under the hot sun and indecently tasty sweets!