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Tours to Central Asia

Tours to Central Asia

      Embark on an exceptional exploration with other words, our carefully crafted tours to Central Asia, a region resonating with the remnants of ancient civilizations, showcases stunning landscapes, and encourages travelers to explore the intricate tapestry of its cultural richness. As you step into this captivating journey, the enchantment of Central Asia calls out, assuring an adventure where every moment transforms into a repository of distinctive experiences.

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      Tours to Central Asia​: A Tapestry of Cultures

Delving into Central Asia via our guided tours reveals a tapestry enriched with diverse cultureswhere the essence of nomadic traditions, historic Silk Road trade routesand the legacies of mighty empires intersect. This expedition guides you through the core of KazakhstanKyrgyzstanTajikistanTurkmenistanand Uzbekistaneach presenting a unique narrative ready to be explored.

The team moves through the lively markets, where the scent of spices blends with the vivid colors of indigenous fabrics. Samarkand and Bukhara, ancient cities embellished with elaborate Islamic architecture, stand as living witnesses to the historical importance of the region. Guided tours immerse travelers in the tales of conquerors, scholars, and traders who once tread these timeless paths.

Captivating Natural Views: Nature's Artistry. Journeys to Central Asia present travelers with a diverse array of landscapes, showcasing the raw allure of the Kyzylkum Desert, the grandeur of the Tian Shan Mountains, and the tranquil shores of Issyk-Kul Lake. Participants engage in picturesque drives along meandering mountain passes, capturing expansive panoramas that extend to the distant horizons.

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    Nature lovers will find the Almaty region in Kazakhstan to be a paradise of alpine meadows and crystal-clear lakes. Travel itineraries to Central Asia frequently incorporate excursions to Charyn Canyon, a geological marvel often likened to the "Little Brother of the Grand Canyon." Here, participants embark on hikes to discover the enchanting rock formations and reflect on the powerful natural processes that crafted this awe-inspiring masterpiece.

Explorations of Central Asia through guided tours include stops at historical landmarks such as the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi in Turkistan, where the ethereal essence of the Sufi saint is palpable. Venturing into the ancient city of Merv in Turkmenistan, a pivotal Silk Road hub, the group delves into the depths of history concealed within its archaeological marvels.

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     Experiencing Nomadic Traditions: Yurts and Warm Welcomes. Tours to Central Asia immerse travelers in the vibrant heritage of nomadic traditions, providing opportunities to stay in authentic yurts and witness the enduring lifestyle that has shaped the region over time. The nomadic hospitality extends beyond mere accommodation, as locals graciously open their homes, share captivating stories around communal fires, and engage in the age-old rituals that define their unique identity.

The participants actively participate in interactive experiences, mastering the craft of felt-making, engaging in traditional music and dance, and relishing the diverse flavors of Central Asian cuisine. These hands-on encounters with nomadic communities cultivate a profound admiration for the enduring resilience and adaptability of a lifestyle that has persisted for centuries.

Cultural Festivals: Honoring Heritage through Celebration. Journeys to Central Asia frequently align with lively cultural festivals, immersing the group in festivities that highlight the region's artistic excellence and cultural legacy. The Navruz festival, signifying the Persian New Year, transforms into a vibrant display of music, dance, and vibrant processions. Traditional horse games, falconry exhibitions, and other revelries unfold before the group, emphasizing the timeless traditions of Central Asia.

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      The most famous ancient monument in Uzbekistan. Its construction dates back to the IX-X (9-10) century. The mausoleum is crowned by a large dome, and the skillful masonry of brick walls forms a beautiful mosaic. The ancient building was built by Ismail Samani for his father. Subsequently, this building became the tomb of the dynasty and an architectural monument. Contrary to the requirements of Islam, the Mausoleum has a covered structure. This distinguishes it from most similar structures.

Mausoleum of Chashma-Ayyub.

Tours in Central Asia. Mausoleum of Chashma Ayyub | El-Tourism

     Enveloped in myths, the Mausoleum of Chashma-Ayyub originates from a tale recounting a prophet's response to the suffering of people during a drought. The prophet, witnessing the plight, used his staff to hit the ground, revealing a spring. Subsequently, a structure with domes crafted from yellowish stone was built around this wondrous spring. According to folklore, the water flowing from this spring is believed to possess healing properties, capable of addressing a variety of ailments.

The oldest city of Samarkand.

Tours in Central Asia. Samarkand | El-tourism

      Samarkand, one of the world's ancient cities, remains a perennial favorite among tourists. Many of its splendid architectural marvels were erected during the rule of the illustrious Tamerlane. The ruler envisioned the city not just as a significant trade hub but also as the capital of the entire world. The grandeur of the ancient city is accentuated by splendid gardens, mosques, mausoleums, and fountains. In Samarkand, you will explore some of the most captivating sites:

Ulugbek Observatory.

Tours in Central Asia. Ulugbek Observatory | El-tourism

      A remarkable discovery by archaeologists, now meticulously restored for the enjoyment of tourists. The remnants of an ancient observatory trace back to the early 15th century. Established by the astronomer Muhammad Taragay Ulugbek, who dedicated extensive time to studying the celestial heavens at this site.

Necropolis of Shahi Zinda.

 Tours in Central Asia. Necropolis of Shihi Zinda | El-tourism      An ancient architectural ensemblefully reflecting the skill of ancient architectsIt consists of mausoleums built at different timesThe first of them was founded in the ninth centuryAccording to legendsthe brother of the Prophet Muhammadrepresentatives of the Tamerlane dynastyscholars and noble persons rest in the mausoleumsThe buildings of Shahi Zinda amaze the beauty of mosaicsornate patternsinscriptions and ornaments.

Hast Imam Square.

Tours in Central Asia. Hast Imam Square | El-tourism

      An additional place of religious reverence for Muslims. It is said that the original copy of the Quran, crafted by Khalif Osman in the seventh century using deer skin, is safeguarded here. The Hast Imam architectural complex exhibits a distinctive Islamic style, adorned with intricate elements of carving and mosaic. The library within the complex holds a collection of over 30 thousand ancient manuscripts.

Bazaar of Chorsu.

Tours in Central Asia. Chorsu Bazaar | El-tourism

      An edifice steeped in history, it was erected at the crossroads of two thoroughfares, giving rise to its name. Its advantageous location has consistently attracted a vibrant trade in nuts, sweets, fruits, sauces, and spices. Currently, the pavilion serves as a venue for exhibitions featuring both emerging and renowned artists.


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     A land of tranquil steppes, snow-capped mountain summits, and azure lakes. With over 120 nationalities residing in this country, the diversity of its culture is evident. Almaty holds the greatest appeal for tourists, featuring a concentration of modern entertainment centers, parks, historical monuments, and architectural landmarks within the expanse of the former capital.

Park 28 Panfilovites.

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      The preferred vacation spot in Almaty. The park underwent a renaming during World War II to honor the 28 shooters who bravely defended Moscow against German attacks. Currently, beneath the shade of enduring pines, poplars, elms, and oaks, well-maintained pathways and serene walking alleys are established.

Ascension Cathedral.

Tours in Central Asia. Ascension Cathedral | El toursm      Another architectural masterpiece built of wood at the beginning of the XX (20th) century. In the Soviet era, the temple building was reserved for the first radio station in Kazakhstan. Only at the end of the XIX (19th) century the temple was returned to the fold of the Orthodox Church. Today, the current Orthodox wooden cathedral is still fascinating with the grandeur of painted domes and the beauty of architecture.

Museum of National Instruments.

Tours in Central Asia. Museum of Musical Instruments | El-tourism

      Among the exhibits you will see not only modern musical instruments, but also unique exhibits restored according to the descriptions of folk craftsmen: Zhetygen, Sazgen, Dudyga, Adyrna, Tokyldak, core, Uuldek, Uskuruk.

Mount Kok-Tobe.

Tours in Central Asia. Mount Kok-Tobe | El-tourism

      This area of Almaty transformed into a recreational spot relatively recently, in 1960. Within a brief period, essential infrastructure was established, including a cable car and a scenic park. Subsequently, a TV tower was erected, visible from various points across the city. Within the premises, visitors can shop for souvenirs, relish the panoramic view of Almaty from one of the observation platforms, and toss a coin into the fountain while making a wish.

Ice rink and Medeo gorge.

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      Amazingly beautiful place. The sports complex is surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks and forest landscapes. The pride is a modern ice rink. From possible mudflows and floods it is protected by a dam. During a leisurely walk through the complex you can take spectacular photos and listen to fascinating stories associated with this corner of nature.


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      The majority of the nation's land comprises mountainous areas nestled at the bases of the Tien Shan, Pamir, and Altai ranges. Climbers are drawn to the gently sloping, expansive slopes, while travelers are captivated by the scenic valleys and azure lakes. The itinerary encompasses a visit to Bishkek, the country's largest city and its capital. Here, you will encounter the most beloved attractions that are sure to evoke a deep appreciation for this country:

Oak Park.

Tours in Central Asia. Oak Park | El-tourism

      Established towards the close of the 19th centurythe area is divided into distinct sections. One portion is adorned with opulent oaks, expansive shady avenues, and decorative fountainsThe remaining section of the square is home to cultural landmarks, including an open-air sculpture museumStNicholas Churchand the enchanting 12 Bowl Fountain.

Ala-Too Square.

Tours in Central Asia. Ala-Too Square | El-tourism

      One of the city's most enchanting and meaningful locations, hosting fairs, exhibitions, grand rallies, and festive celebrations. As evening falls, the square resonates with music, adorned with New Year decorations in winter, and adorned with vibrant flower beds and lush lawns in the delightful seasons of summer and spring.

National Philharmonic.

Tours in Central Asia. National Philharmonic | El-tourism

      The architectural pride of the city. The snow-white building is surrounded by a picturesque square with fountains, colorful lawns and monuments. City dwellers and tourists love to stroll along the spacious alleys, enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Issyk-Kul Lake.

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      A unique creation of nature, which is often called the "pearl of Asia." About 80 mountain streams flow into the lake, enriching the chemical composition of water and endowing it with healing properties. Therefore, water does not freeze in winter, and in transparency it is second only to Baikal. Beautiful beaches are equipped on the lake, amusement rides and cafes are built. In summer, due to the melting of glaciers on the mountain peaks, the volume of water in the lake increases by almost half. In 2006, archaeologists discovered in the water the remains of an ancient Scythian settlement. Its blurry outlines can be seen on a quiet sunny day.

Burana Tower.

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      Practical Insights: Accommodations and Travel Logistics. Accommodations during Tours to Central Asia are carefully selected to enhance the overall experience. Whether it's a boutique hotel in the heart of Tashkent or a yurt camp nestled against the backdrop of Kyrgyzstan's mountains, each stay is designed to provide comfort and a sense of place. Travel logistics are seamlessly orchestrated, ensuring that the group can focus on the exploration and cultural immersion that define Tours to Central Asia.

In summary, Tours to Central Asia go beyond the typical travel encounter, providing a deep exploration of a region where history, nature, and culture come together. Participants become integral to a narrative that stretches across millennia, intertwining the strands of ancient Silk Roads with the vibrant heartbeat of contemporary Central Asia. Embark on this exceptional journey with us, where every step unveils a fresh chapter in the enthralling tale of Tours to Central Asia.

Culinary traditions and national dishes of Central Asia.

      A rich tour of three countries, so distinctive, but having a lot in common, will give unique emotions. You are waiting for amazing landscapes, ancient architecture, oriental bazaars with beautiful decorations and souvenirs. But in addition to spiritual food, you will fully enjoy the gastronomic delights of a generous oriental cuisine.

      Every nation boasts its unique national traditions and nuances. Indulge in authentic dishes right where they originated, experiencing the genuine taste and aroma – a true delight for any connoisseur. Rest assured, there are no artificial dyes or flavors – just natural ingredients, pristine air, and the warm rays of the eastern sun.
During the journey, you'll encounter numerous vibrant oriental bazaars. Explore these markets not only for souvenirs but also for fruits ripened under the scorching sun and irresistibly delicious sweets!