Big Almaty Lake

BAL (Big Almaty Lake)

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      Probably, one of those places in Almaty that every tourist should visit, and even more so a local resident is BAO (Big Almaty Lake). Arriving to the lake from the city will take a little time, but those picturesque mountain landscapes that will open to you, the fresh air and the delightful beauty of the lake itself will remain in your heart forever.

      The lake itself is located in a beautiful place - in the Big Almaty Gorge, which is famous for its beautiful natural places, coniferous forests and rich mountain flora and fauna. On the way to the lake you will find many suitable places for a break, a snack or just stop and enjoy the beauty of the area.

      The local name of the Big Almaty Lake is Zhasykol (per. Blue Lake), which you will undoubtedly be convinced of when you get to the very Tien Shan “pearl”. The lake is located at an altitude of 2511 meters! Our body of water was formed under the influence of an earthquake and arose in the environment of the high Tien Shan ridges, these are Sovetov Peak, Lake Peak and Tourist Peak, all of them reach a height of about four kilometers and have been pleasing to all of their guests for many millennia. And beyond the mountains lies the neighboring - fraternal state - Kyrgyzstan and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Kyrgyzstan - Lake Issyk - Kul.

Big Almaty Lake | El-tourism

      Fear for the territorial location of the lake is not worth it, the area is completely allowed for tourism.

      You can climb to the lake itself in two ways, the choice of which will depend on whether you walk or arrived in a car. If you decide to carry out a pedestrian climb, the fastest path to the BAO passes along the pipe through which water flows directly from the lake. On the way you will find unforgettable panoramas and beautiful views of the gorge, along the way you can meet more experienced travelers who will cordially share their experience with you and give advice on further climbing to the lake.

How to get to BAO? | El-tourism

      In the case of the presence of own vehicles, the rise will occur on a well-paved serpentine straight to the lake. On foot you can also reach the lake along the serpentine, but then the trip will take you even more time and you may not have time to return back before dawn.

      Having reached the goal, a beautiful lake will appear in front of you, the waters of which reflect like a peaceful leisurely sky, after observing the water for some time, you will notice how the color of the lake changes from pale blue to bright emerald. Although the lake is rich in its fresh waters and you can’t swim in it, to the shore, you can still go up and see how clear and transparent the waters in it are.

How to get and get to BAO (Big Almaty Lake)?

      Of course, you can go to the beginning of the journey, on route 28 bus. Take a taxi to the final one and drive to a pipe or serpentine, or even get to the lake itself. But in this case, you can miss a lot of interesting and significant in this area.

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