Ulan Hot Spring Resort - travel and accommodation

Ulan Resort and Spa


*per person
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Ulan Hot Spring Resort - travel and accommodation


Every Saturday

06:00 collection

06:30 departure

11: 00-12: 00 + - arrival

Every Sunday

13: 00-14: 00 departure from z / o

18:00 + - arrival in the city.


Arrival at the Z / O and departure from there, in time, depends on its remoteness.

Collection point:

Алматы, проспект Абая

Available languages ​​for tour or entertainment:


What is included in the tour:

проезд, проживание, завтрак, пользование бассейнами БО.

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Purchase terms

Be sure to tell the tour operator the number of your certificate, as well as sign up for the date according to the schedule.

Return policy

In case of refusal at least 3 days prior to departure, 100% refund, less than 3 days withholding 100%.

Tour category

Recreation Centers

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