What to see in Almaty in one day

     And now you arrived in the beautiful and sunny city of Almaty, what to do in this soul-warm city?


Medeo in Almaty | El-tourism

     To begin with, we recommend that you visit of course the high-mountain skating rink Medeo, located at an altitude of almost 1700 meters above sea level. Medeo is the world's largest alpine skating rink where the largest number of records, more than two hundred, are also set.


Shymbulak in Almaty | El-tourism

     After Medeo you can visit Shymbulak, this is a high-altitude resort that attracts outdoor enthusiasts with its ski slopes in the winter, and in the summer season it takes a funicular ride to the Talgar Pass and takes a walk in the fresh air at an altitude of 3200 meters.


Mountains in Almaty | El-tourism

     Having visited Medeo, on the way to the city, we recommend that you visit Mount Kok-tobe, located at an altitude of about 1200 meters above sea level, from where you can contemplate a beautiful view of the city of Almaty from above. The television tower, located there, is the highest in the world if we consider the location from sea level. In addition, there is a park where you can spend time taking a ride on the funicular, visiting the mini-zoo, exoterrarium, which contains various types of reptiles, as well as having fun on the rides.

Almaty city

One day in Almaty | El-tourism

     If you are not a fan of high places, then you can have a great time in the city, as it has a long and interesting history, having survived the raids of the robbers, the period of the Soviet Union and the time of perestroika. Each of the periods left its mark and left its interesting mark. This is the Green Bazaar, located near the historical part of the Malaya Stanitsa district, where the construction of the Verny fortress began, and the Old and New Squares, where history was created, and many museums with unique exhibits, many modern shopping centers, as well as, of course, the main attraction These are parks and fountains of the city of Almaty.

     By the way, Almaty is called the city of fountains. At the moment there are more than 120 fountains in the city, and of course they work only from the end of spring until mid-autumn.

Park 28's panfilovcev | Almaty

     The largest of parks is the 28 Panilovtsev park, erected in honor of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, who own the famous phrase "there is nowhere to retreat behind Moscow" and at the cost of their own lives, in the amount of only 28 people who destroyed 18 fascist tanks and a huge amount of infantry. It is this event, one of the main ones, which at that difficult time prompted the army of the Soviet Union to stand up and launch an active attack, defending their homeland.

     You can walk around the city on your own, using the accessible and developed infrastructure and transport from buses, taxis to the metro station, the station of which has its own distinctive features, or pick up interesting offers on our website or by contacting us to book a one-day tour of Almaty